How to find the best major sites in Korea?

The 메이저사이트 refers to the safe playground that survived the recent, in-depth verification process, which can be expressed as the era of the warring States era. Therefore, finding major sites is the most important task for members using private sites. Among the elements of these major sites, the first is capital strength and accident-free operating period. If capital is available, the incidence of eat-and-run accidents is lowered, and the longer the accident-free operating period, the lower the risk of accidents.


In the early days of private Toto sites, members searched and judged whether it was a scam site or an official site through simple information such as domain year measurement or server location inquiry, but now, in 2022, measuring the domain year of a private site is meaningless, and whether it is a scam site or a major site. Because any site or anyone can easily rent an overseas server, the existing verification method has reached its limit. Also, since the scam sites have evolved that much, it has become almost impossible to easily distinguish the sites from the point of view of general members.

Various verification methods are introduced to verify the fraudulent activity, and the number of actual members and direct capital power verification of the site are reviewed in various fields such as industry community verification. Therefore, it can be said that a major site registered as a guarantee company in a major country is a safe playground that has passed all verification factors.