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About the Author of
The Kindergarten Readiness Guide

Jaclyn Morris Bower has been a kindergarten teacher, preschool teacher, and Preschool Director for many years and holds a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. She currently manages this website that coincides with The Kindergarten Readiness Guide.

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 Reviews of The Kindergarten Readiness Guide

"I have been using these assessments in my schools over the past few years. I am so happy that I found it again and will be downloading several copies for my teachers to use. I actually prefer the parent version because it allows us to do the assessment with the children and then send it home for the parents to continue to use throughout their child's Kindergarten year in school. Thank you so much for developing such an amazing tool for early educators and parents to use with their students and children. I will include a link to your site on my website so that parents and educators can gain access to this wonderful educational tool." --Meghan Hamilton,

“Hi Jaclyn, Thanks so much! This is great. Your book has been very helpful - my daughter has learned so much! I'll go through the evaluation with her and see where her strengths are and what we still need to work on. Thank you again.” --Micheline Clement, Boyds, MD

“I have been using the Kindergarten Readiness Guide for 2 months with my four year old daughter. Since using it, I have noticed a drastic change in her willingness to learn. In just a short time, she has improved in her recognition of lower case letters (12 out of 26) to (20 out of 26). She also recognizes and names all of her basic shapes (square, rectangle, circle, diamond, triangle, and oval), along with two of the three dimensional shapes (cube and cone).

As two busy parents with one child who is already attending school, it is often difficult to find time to work with our younger child. The Kindergarten Readiness Guide allows me the opportunity to work one-on-one with her, while ensuring she gets a jumpstart on her education.” --Tonnette Hodge, Long Beach, CA

(7 months later) “Brooke just recently started preschool and her teacher was amazed at the amount of things she already knew considering that she is 4 and she started at the school in December. I am sure that it is due to the things I as a parent already use along with the incorporation of your book. Thank You.” --Tonnette Hodge, Long Beach, CA

“What a goldmine of wonderful ideas for parents. Written at a level easily accessible for all to understand.”
--Dr. Mavis Brown, Department of Education Professor, University of Richmond, VA

“What I find most helpful in your book are the teaching suggestions. I love all the little games that can be used throughout the day. Also, it would have never occurred to me to mention the author of the books we read. Now, Cheyenne can identify all Tommie dePaula books!! The reading comprehension suggestions are fantastic. My comment is I wish I had ordered it much much sooner.” --Terri Crovato, Silver Spring, MD

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