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Kindergarten Readiness

Jaclyn Morris Bower


Our mission is to provide parents and educators with quality assessment tools and educational activities to be used to prepare children for elementary school.

Jaclyn Morris Bower is the founder of Bower graduated from the University of Richmond with a Bachelor's Degree in French and Elementary Education. She has had the opportunity to teach in Virginia, Georgia, and California working with young children from a variety of different social and ethnic backgrounds. Most recently, she was the Director and pre-kindergarten teacher at a preschool in Orange County, California. Bower holds a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Bower truly has a gift for working with parents, young children, and colleagues in education. She believes strongly in the importance of preschool and kindergarten to the future success of a child. Her enthusiasm, positive attitude, thorough attention to detail, and patient, kind demeanor make her a natural in the field of education.

Bower's favorite aspects of teaching included working one-on-one assessing and evaluating her kindergarten students, developing lessons to further their academic and social growth, and conferencing with parents to help them work with their children at home. In 2002, she decided to combine her favorite aspects of teaching with her belief that parents could use more consistent support in educating their own preschool children, thus Kindergarten Readiness was born.

Through teaching, she found that many students were entering kindergarten with a less than solid foundation and were struggling unnecessarily. So in December 2002, Bower wrote The Kindergarten Readiness Guide to educate parents on how to develop a solid academic and social foundation for their preschool children. Two years later, she wrote The Teacher’s Guide to Pre-K and Kindergarten. Bower has sold her books online for the past 9 years. To her website she has added valuable links, articles, a blog, and other tools to offer parents, educators, and children a kindergarten readiness “one-stop-shop”.

Bower keeps current with education trends, while continuously searching for better ways to fulfill the needs of parents, teachers, and children.

Enjoy the website, and good luck on your quest to create successful preschoolers and kindergarteners!

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Founder's Letter

Dear Parent or Educator,

My name is Jaclyn Morris Bower. I have held teaching credentials in three states. I received my first teaching credential from the University of Richmond in Virginia. I have since taught first grade, kindergarten, and preschool in Georgia and California. Before deciding to devote my time fully to this website, I was the Early Childhood Director at a lovely school in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

I have created this Kindergarten Readiness website because I want children to love their kindergarten experience, to feel confident and proud of their accomplishments. Preparation is the key. You are children’s first and most important teachers. So many parents tell me that they want to help their child learn to read, write, draw, and count, etc, but they just don’t know how. Often there are skills learned in kindergarten that parents never even think of! Well, here it is, all in one place : what to do to best prepare your child for school, how to give your child a head-start. Take each child’s education into your own hands. Don’t allow children to struggle through kindergarten- it is such a crucial year.

I believe that kids are capable of so much more than adults give them credit for. Parents and teachers need to work together to expose them to the right information and the right environment in a developmentally-appropriate way and they will soar to unimaginable heights! Explore this website for ways to making learning fun and effective.

Not one child should have to struggle through their first years of school, when this should be such a fun, exciting time for them. Unfortunately for many students and parents, it is a frustrating and disheartening time. Studies have shown that children who are not prepared for kindergarten will in many cases continue to fall behind in elementary school, and will struggle through middle school, high school, college, and even in adulthood. There could not be a more influential time in a child’s life than these preschool years! Schools are becoming increasingly more academic and fast-paced. Stress is placed particularly on reading, writing, and math skills. Standardized testing begins as early as the first week of kindergarten in most schools! Let’s help children glide through these years with confidence and excitement.

Best of luck to you and your children! If you have any questions, please email me.

You can read my Philosophy of Education here.


Jaclyn Morris Bower


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