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Help your children start school ready to learn!

Our goal is to provide parents and educators with high-quality resources to use to prepare their children for success in preschool and kindergarten. provides a wealth of information related to preparing children for school, all compiled into one user-friendly website. We offer a comprehensive paperback and e-book version of "The Kindergarten Readiness Guide", articles, downloadable and printable resources, useful links, and coverage of hot topics to help parents and educators provide young children with the very best early childhood education possible.


Studies show that early schooling has enormous benefits. When engaged in a good readiness program, those children are less likely to need special-education services and more likely to graduate. After leaving school, they are more likely to be employed and less likely to be on welfare.

Furthermore, the Research and Policy Committee of the Committee for Economic Development states that “Helping all children start school ready to learn is critical to their future success and to the well-being of society as a whole. Children who start school behind their peers are unlikely to catch up. Children who enter kindergarten with limited word reading skills are the most likely to develop later reading difficulties and require remedial education.”

Kindergarten Readiness is dedicated to helping parents and teachers avoid these pitfalls. We believe that children should love and enjoy their preschool and kindergarten years and that this can be accomplished by providing gentle, fun, and consistent learning experiences. We hope you enjoy our website and "The Kindergarten Readiness Guide". We appreciate your feedback, so please email any questions or recommendations to Jackie at Enjoy the website!

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